Union Oil Company
Soil & Groundwater Remediation for Ten Separate Sites

Birnam Wood
Contaminated Soil Remediation

Montecito Fire Protection District
Geologic Hazards/Soil Engineering & Contaminated Soil Remediation

Stow Ranch
Soil & Groundwater Remediation

University Exchange Program
Contaminated Soil Remediation at Bishop Ranch

Schulte Ranches
Contaminated Soil Remediation at Rancho Dos Pueblos

Southwest Diversified, Inc.
Oil Waste Field Investigation


La Cumbre Mutual Water Company
Six Water Supply Wells

Goleta Water District
Berkeley Well

City of Santa Barbara
MacKenzie Park Well

University Exchange Program
Bedrock Wells

Santa Barbara Research Center
Water Supply Well

Water Supply Well

Montecito Water District
Four Water Supply Wells


Surface Water Diversion Projects

Bishop Ranch
McCoy Project

Tajiguas Ranch
Water Diversion/Storage

Ellwood Canyon Ranch

Westmant College
Cold Springs Creek


Arroyo Quemado
Landslide/Slope Repair

William Wright
Proposed Aquarium & Hotel Project

Lee National Corporation
Bacara Resort

Morehart Land Company
Dos Pueblos Ranch

University Exchange
West Devereaux Project

University of California
Faculty Housing Project
Chemistry Building

Jack Theimer & Associates
Ennisbrook, Las Entradas & Storke Road Housing Projects

Raytheon Corporation
Corporate Headquarters

City of Santa Barbara
Seismic Safety Element & Peer Review of Red Lion Project

Steinhart Residence
Landslide Evaluation

Chicago Grade Landfill, Inc.
Permitting, Monitoring, Regulatory Compliance & Surface Water (NPDES) Monitoring

County of Santa Barbara
Brown Road Landfill


Valley House Realty
Water Supply Development Costs/Property Evaluation

Conejo Road Landslide
Causative Factors

Wheeler Hot Springs
Evaluation of Geologic Hazards and Value of Springs for Wheeler Hot Springs Resort

Wright v. Goleta
Consultant to Attorneys

West Basin Association
Safe Yield Study

South Lake Tahoe
Replacement of Water Supply Costs

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